Intermittent starting issue

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Intermittent starting issue

Postby SpuddyWaters » Sun Jan 07, 2018 7:05 pm


I have looked back through a load of pages and googled a load too and haven't been able to find the same issue, however if this has already been covered then apologies.

Car is a 2006 Megane 1.9 diesel.

My issue:
When I press the start button, the engine doesn't try to turn over, the "STOP" light comes on and the screen says "Electrical fault".
This issue is intermittent, and by that I mean that it happens most of the time, but it will start eventually if you keep taking the card and pressing the start/stop button. The issue seems to be particularly bad when the engine is warm. If the engine is cold you may only need to take the card out 3 or 4 times, if it's warm then it could be 20-30 times.
I've also noticed that the glow plug symbol is key to getting it to start. So if the glow plug symbol appears then it turns over and will fire (always fires first time), but if you get no glow plug symbol then it won't attempt to turn over and you just get the STOP light.

I have the "Check Injection" message, which seems to be very common.

I already changed the glow plugs and glow plug relay, but the issue was still there. The OBD2 code reader indicated this as an issue. But the codes from the OBD2 are quite high level.
I'm thinking I need to take it to a dealer with the CAN Clip - can anyone recommend someone around Birmingham?

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Re: Intermittent starting issue

Postby grandadbobby » Mon Jan 08, 2018 2:07 pm

if I were you, and you're up for it, I would first look to the engine fuses and relays.
You need the battery out to get to all the fuses etc.
Check and clean every fuse and relay, ONE AT A TIME, even take photo first.
Check for water or damp, all connections, also the connectors going to the ecu.
Also check underneath the fuse box where the wires come in.
It only takes a dirty/poor connection to cause havoc.
Common issue when these cars are older.
Look on you tube for guidance.
Good luck

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Re: Intermittent starting issue

Postby sandman0705 » Mon Jan 08, 2018 8:37 pm

I would take a glow pug out and see if it heats, it should glow instantly. My money is on the relay being faulty, new or not.

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