The mother of Window Faults

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The mother of Window Faults

Postby Nick22 » Fri Jul 21, 2017 8:57 am

Hi all,
I have a 55 plate Megane II CC. Drivers window stuck open 3 weeks ago for the second time (the first time I fixed it by changing the regulator) and decided to take it to Renault dealership to try my luck with a quote from them....They quoted £600 so I naturally took the car back at home to fit a new regulator myself. FYI the motor made the clicking sound when trying to operate the window apparently indicating that this was a regulator fault (please correct me if I am wrong). To cut a long story short since then I have bought a new regulator, a used door wiring loom, a used drivers switch module (as a technician or myself broke it in the process) and a used motor/regulator/glass railing system. The window is still stuck... Do you have any suggestions? I read somewhere that there is another unit somewhere behind the glove box that could contribute to the fault? I just hope it is not the wiring loom inside the vehicle as I suspect it is going to be a loooong job... Also could it be something Renault dealership did in order to disable functionality until they fix the issue? (Mind you the motor made the clicking sound before I dropped the car to Renault but not any more...)

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Also if an electrician wants to take on the job please let me know!

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Re: The mother of Window Faults

Postby AlexB » Fri Jul 21, 2017 1:03 pm

The motor was making a clicking noise because one of power pins in the connector to the regulator was corroded and burnt. As I understand, it attempts to operate, but then looses the contact as the pin overheats. It can be also the connector between the door and A-pillar. The clicking stopped probably because the garage broke something including the door switch, possibly blew or pulled the fuses as well.

The fix usually involves a second-hand regulator, plus cleaning the connectors. I never had experience with a CC though.
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