Two steps forward.......

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Two steps forward.......

Postby TightFist9 » Sat Aug 24, 2019 2:53 pm

So a follow up on my reintroduction in may...... After sorting the check injection and restoring full power decided next things on the god help me list were the windows and aircon. Dumped it at our local indie garage and told them do what needs just fix poxy windows. Went home planning on remortgaging house to pay bill so pleasantly surprised to get call saying all done, contacts cleaned £70. Result. Non mesieur....lasted one week then back to sticking/ creeping windows. Back into garage, another £80 for second hand module , so far still working.
Now onto air con which hasn't worked for 4yrs. Decided to test my limited mechanical skills and do it myself. Got bumper off, condenser in pieces. Managed to get new condenser and receiver dryer for £90. Air con seal kit £7 off Amazon, got it all fitted .Called in local aircon man, system pressurised and recharged- working air con!! Non mesieur.......two weeks later notice fan speed control not working at all. Questioned wife(her car) , told not been working for a week, didn't want to tell you as apparently I get humpty/ emotional whenever I hear the words Mégane/ problem.
Thought it would be the rheostat but not even working on position 4. Fuse ok( is it ever that simple?) so gritted teeth and pulled out glove box. Found relays, cleaned up contacts still nothing. Managed to pull complete fan out, contacts look iffy. Clean up, put direct feed to battery, fan starts working. Reinstall, fan blowing again, no money spent. Went for long lay down.....

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