Renault Megane Berline 2.0 dCi central locking system - STORY

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Renault Megane Berline 2.0 dCi central locking system - STORY

Postby adze7 » Fri Dec 21, 2018 2:36 pm

Hello everyone,

I want to share with you my experience with central locking system problem. (STORY)

Last December I went for a drive and leave my car on a parking lot for at least one hour. After I returned the central locking system didn´t work. I`ve unlocked it manually and drove home to change battery in remote card. That didn˙t help.

After a few days I took it to a mechanic (renault service) where they immediately said that the problem lies in remote card, so I have to buy a new one even though I´ve asked if this would solve the problem with locking, considering that the card worked with start-up.

After one month, mechanic called me that my key card, remote card has arrived. I went there to replace it, but they had to program it first. I went for a coffee and came back after an hour. When I stepped inside the mechanic shop I saw this look on mechanic face, that makes you feel worried. He immediately said: "HEY! you don´t have a problem with your card, your central locking system doesn´t work. " I said I didn´t know about that, I´m not an expert,... anyways after trying to repair the system, they struggled for a while, but didn´t succeed at the end. They ripped me off, 130€ for not repairing the problem,.. I drove away and stuck with this problem till August 2018,..

In August 2018 I had a problem with AC, because everytime I´ve had it turned on, there was a water leak on passenger side. One day I decided to clean the filter which is on the passenger side under the dashboard. Struggling to get it out, caused that I´ve bumped into cables, which runs under the dashboard beside this filter, several times. Cables were sticking out, so when I cleaned the filter I just pushed them under the dashboard. After a few hours I was wondering if this might fixed my problem with locking system, because I owned a Clio before and I sure as hell know how sh1tty Renault electronics and computer is. So I just give it a try and it was successful.

If you experience same problem, just give your frenchy a good cable shake and it might work :P

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