Programming Renault Tyre Valve Sensors

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Programming Renault Tyre Valve Sensors

Postby AlexB » Fri Oct 22, 2010 5:06 pm

Just came across this article. It might be of interest to someone... ... 0007328255

Programming Renault Tyre Valve Sensors
by: twilight-zone

The above sensors are fitted to many Renault models including: Laguna II, Espace, Scenic, Megane & Vel Satis. In the event of failure buying a new sensor from a main dealer will set you back around £35-40 + VAT, but can often be found considerably cheaper on eBay!

Once purchased you obviously need to have the sensor fitted. Can be done at most tyre supply outlets for as little £10-15. You may be lucky and find an outlet that also has the appropriate programming hard/software... I tried loads, but no joy!

IMPORTANT! You must keep a record of the 8 digit sensor code which can be found below the corresponding barcode on the small sticker to the reverse side of the sensor. This code is essential as it must be entered at the programming stage! Ignore any numbers on the box as these are simply part numbers.

If you fail to gather this code number, the wheel will have to be stripped again to get it!

Now to the point of writing this guide...

If you follow the advice in your owner manual, you will be told to take the car to your Renault dealer. It is suggested they are the only option when it comes to having the new sensor programmed to your vehicle. Ok, lets suppose you go down this road. My local dealers informed me the process would take a full half hour and cost a staggering £62 + VAT, more if I wanted them to fit the sensor as well! I then got a garage owner friend of mine to get a trade quote from the same dealer. The best they would come up with was £45 + VAT. In the event this was just one garage charging over the odds, I contacted several other Renault dealers, the story was the same with the exception of one dealer in the north of England who would do the job for £40.

Upshot of all this was a quick phone call to my local MOTEST, who have done MOT's and other bits and bobs on our various cars. They immediately informed me "No problem, just pop the car in"

On arrival a chap jumped in to the car, pulled out the ashtray to gain access, and plugged in the diagnostic gizmo. I went off for a free cup of coffee and within 2 or 3 sips, all of 5 minutes later the guy appeared and said " All done"

I was surprised to say the least, that what would have taken the Renault 'experts' half an hour, had been completed in under 5 minutes!

That's never minding the fact I would have had a bill for at least £72.85, had I accepted the initial quote! When I asked the MOTEST man how much the bill was, he said "NO CHARGE, only took a couple of minutes mate"

This is yet another example of dealers ripping people off for so called 'specialist programming'

My advice to you... SHOP AROUND! Many, many independent garages, MOT centres, auto electricians, etc., have the kit to do the job for a fraction of main dealer costs!

Maybe they will realise one day that customers are fed up being continually ripped off!!!

Incidentally, the sensors are made by SCHRADER in France, a lot of European auto factor outlets stock these or will get them in for you, usually next day!

When the job had been completed, it gave me great pleasure to tell Renault what they could do with their service!!! You never know... They might actually listen and do something about it???

One other piece of advice... avoid secondhand sensors! They have an integral lithium battery pack with a maximum 10 year life, and if the battery is low, you could end up right back where you started!

Anyway, I hope this guide is of use to you... 'Be careful out there'

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Re: Programming Renault Tyre Valve Sensors

Postby Marti73 » Tue Nov 01, 2011 9:37 pm

That's the kinda info that makes a nervous new Megane driver sleep at night. Thanks :)

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