Glenrothes Motor Services (indipendant)

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Glenrothes Motor Services (indipendant)

Postby sensii101 » Mon Aug 25, 2008 9:25 pm

I have always taken my cars to this local garage for any servicing and repair work on all my renaults in the past my Mk1 megane cabrio, my clio sport, and my megane 2. This garage is run by a family who have been doing this work for decades, the two sons are rover trained mechanics... yes mechanics... not technitians... they will fix a problem not stood scratching their backsides looking at a diagnostic computer... I went to a local renault dealer as i was having problems with my car on tickover.... they plugged it in for £45 and because the computer could not find a fault then there was nothing wrong with the car!!! Thought sod it and took it to the local garage under the assumption that they could not find the fault. Make a note here guys... they have a diagnistic computer but they did not use it within 30 minutes the guys son found that an idle control valve was sticking he took it out cleaned it WD40'd it and put it back in!!! Car runs and ticks over sweet as a nut now. how much did this cost me..... £10 in labour. Why the hell could a renault main dealer not find the fault??? i think that we need to get some proper mechanics back in the main dealers.... These boys at my local garage have been trained on cars with engines dogged with problems they atually know an engine inside out and the dad is a 911 enthusiast so he knows what a sweet engine sounds like.

The only thing i could fault the garage for is its like the bermuda triangle... you put your car in but u never see it again for a couple of days and that is purely because the guy is trusted and well respected because he does his job properly and everyone takes there car there even brand new cars. the other thing is that the owner is a Man U Fan!! But no one is perfect.

The moral of this story is save money and support local businesses... they may not be as fancy as the main dealer with the coffee machine and the receptionist u would like to take into the statioary cupboard and have fun with. But you do know the job will be done properly!
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Re: Glenrothes Motor Services (indipendant)

Postby JADL » Thu Nov 05, 2009 9:41 pm

Hi could you let me know where these guys are - contact number if poss.
My 1.6 Grand Scenic packed -up.Driving when the dash instument display went blank , then the radio and then the engine concked out.Local garage having
difficulty in doing a diagnostic check.Has anyone any ideas what the problem is.Dont really want to shell out at main dealership.
Many thanks

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Re: Glenrothes Motor Services (indipendant)

Postby Ray » Fri Nov 06, 2009 7:49 pm

Glenrothes Motor Services. 38 Whitehill Road. Glenrothes, Fife, KY6 2RW. 01592 771190.

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Re: Glenrothes Motor Services (indipendant)

Postby dougieCC » Fri Nov 06, 2009 11:54 pm

Isnt the dash going blank covered by Renault even outside of only have to pay £100 towards it.

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