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vospers plymouth

Postby meganecb » Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:53 pm

Have recently bought a 07 megane dci gt from one of the biggest car dealerships in the southwest (vospers). The sales side of things have not been too bad, however the following problems have been very disappointing, some of which were promised in a bid to get us to purchase the car.

1.Only 1 keycard supplied, told there would be 2.
2.Car was sold with faulty front window, we only found this out when 50miles away in cornwall, only to be told when we phoned vospers, we may have to leave the window down!!!
3.After a tyre failed on a m.o.t, they replaced it with a cheaper brand so we had different brands and treads on the rear.
4. A scratch/rub mark was supposed to have been sorted but came back after a few washes!
5.Steering wheel vibrating under braking.
6.Part of the sale was the inclusion of diamond brite, this was o.k until i noticed that the car hadnt been washed properly before this had been applied, this meaning that there was dirt under the clear laquer.
7.We were told the car would be taxed and ready on day of collection, we had to wait while someone popped down the post office.
8.When the car went into the garage for the window to be sorted, we got given a demo car, only to be phoned the following day, asking for the car to be brought back as it was going on show.
Then being told the parts were on back order and were given our own car back again, had to wait for 2 weeks for the parts to arrive.
9. Just to add to these complaints, the communication within vospers is shocking, it seems they have got too big, with 7 manufacturers in 1 building.

The car is at vospers now currently having all of the above re-done and sorted, if these had been done properly and not on the cheap then it would certainly make a difference and save everyone concerned a lot of time.

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