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Renault Theydon Bois

Postby sturadders » Thu Apr 15, 2010 9:09 am

Well my experiences with them are from a while back but my mate just got ripped off by them aswell so i want to let everyone know, i'll start with my experiences, on your first service of your car you would expect 200-250 fair enough mine come to 900£, after they convinced my mum (i was at work) that my car needed new front breaks, they did everything they could to bump up the price.

then in august last year my good runner broke, lost all power to drive and was sitting there howling. had the car toed back to my house, then the dealership picked it up next day. after checking it over, they said i must of hit a speed bump doing 80mph + to cause the damage to the car what was there, i had my gf at the time and her baby in the car so i defiently wasnt being that stupid and who would take a speed bump that fast, all in all they said the clutch has gone, gear box fused together, engine under plate was cracked and the safty plate for the engine was damaged and had holes in it £4000 repair bill. at the time i was like fk what happened and i argued that from the damage on the under plate protecting the engine the holes looked like damage from engine towards ground not other way round, they said something come through the holes and caused the damge.

so i had to do insurance claim, then they took 2 months to repair the car and didnt even bother replacing the engine protection plate which they said caused all the problem, i was fuming after arguements for about 2 hours they agreed to replace the part but my insurance had to agree to pay for it.

recently had my car serviced at renault harlow, lovely people and im happy service only cost me 230£ which i thought was a bargain and everything checked out, even got complemented on the sound of the music system :D.

i told my mate to get his car serviced there but out of convienance he chose the local theydon bois, surprise surprise his brakes needed replacing aswell as a few other libertys, i told him pay for the service but nothing else, they charged him 260£ for the service a good 30£ more than mine and i took him and both our cars to harlow had the brakes checked over for his and nothing needed replacing.

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