Renault Cardiff

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Renault Cardiff

Postby KiftyGT » Sat Apr 10, 2010 9:44 pm

Stay away.

Customer service poor.
Maintenance poor.

Since I have had the car I have had a creaking noise coming from the rear passenger panel. After ringing and ringing and ringing I finally got the car looked at. They then had the car for 12 weeks and never contacted me once to tell me what was going on.

The noise was eventually found to be my panoramic roof putting pressure on the piller making it creak (what ever that means).

When I got the car back the interior was stained, and panels wern't put back properly. I even had to buy velcro to put one panel back. I did not put it back in as they had it for 12 weeks and I wasn't going to let them have it longer.

After around 3 months the noise has re-occured on the drivers side rear panel. It has now been 8 weeks of ringing and again I am getting know where.

As the car is hire purchase the ombudsman told me I have to deal with the hire purchase company to sort it out. However, there customer service is just as bad. I am now trying to reject the car, as not only this problem but since I have owned it (Nov 2008) the car has been in 11 times for different problems.

Sorry for the essay need to get it off my chest. Any advise much appreciated.


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