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Postby Stranger » Fri May 30, 2014 7:17 am

Do NOT request products and services of a dubious nature. If any such posts are seen by staff they will be removed without consultation or notice.

For ANY and ALL items bought here, the contract is between the buyer and the seller. Parties involved in any transaction must obtain all contact details of parties involved before paying any monies. The Megane Owners Club, its owner and its staff are not responsible for any issues and otherwise that may be incurred. Both parties must satisfy themselves regarding all aspects of the transaction. The Megane Owners Club, its owner and its staff will not become involved in any disputes that may occur.

ANY thread in this sub-forum which hasn't been posted to in the last 12 months will be removed and deleted.

Once the deal is concluded edit your original post title to include **RECEIVED**. Shortly thereafter the thread will be removed and deleted.

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