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Wind deflector for X reg megane Cabriolet

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2015 8:29 pm
by terryclark
I have an X reg Renault Cabriolet. I have a wind deflector for the vehicle but one of the backets has been lost.

The type of wind deflector I need has brackets on each end which are joined to the frame of the deflector by a ball and socket folding arrangement.
The fixings slots in the car trim are elongated vertical slots.
The deflector has a rigid frame for the upper half, but the lower half is just mesh which hangs loose or can be secured with tapes.
(The only deflectors I have found on sale have a frame for both top and bottom parts and the fixing in to the car trim is by round sprung bolts).
Dealers no longer have my type.
Does anyone have such a wind deflector for sale? Alternatively does anyone have the ball and socket units off an old deflector?
Fingers crossed.