coil connectors

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coil connectors

Postby nswinn » Sat Feb 14, 2015 5:08 am

I noticed a misfire when I parked on an incline and mentioned it to my garage. They said that it was a misfire on cyl 2 and there was evidence of work on the coil connections. they changed the coils over to see if the misfire moved to another cylinder.
I took a look at it and the connectors to the coils have been damaged . The one to cyl 2 is very bad and if I move it it causes misfiring.
I need a new connector to replace the one that is on, don't want to pay 350 pounds for a complete harness but I cant find the type of clip or even where I can get one. Can anyone help me identify the type of connection and where I might get one?

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