Which Brake Pads for my 1.9 DCi

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Which Brake Pads for my 1.9 DCi

Postby welbeck » Fri Nov 07, 2014 3:40 pm

I bought a set of Brembo front brake pads for my 2003 1.9DCi Megane supplied my Registration number but today they sent me this message:

Thanks for your recent purchase, With the Registration you have provided we have checked our database and have found 2 sets of brake pads that would fit your vehicle.

Would it be possible for you to find out if your current pads have 2 Back Springs on them? Or possibly getting the dimensions?

This will help determine which is the correct pads.

My grease monkey tells me he can't tell if they have springs until he takes the wheels off which he can't do till next week.
I thought the whole idea of giving the reg number was that they could tell exactly what parts I needed.
Can anybody help?

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