Fluorinated Grease or "Fluostar 2L" for ignition coils

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Fluorinated Grease or "Fluostar 2L" for ignition coils

Postby AlexB » Fri Mar 08, 2013 8:54 pm

On almost all petrol Renaults ignition coils fail after servicing due to not using the insulating grease.

It is a non-setting sealant for servicing spark plugs on various petrol engines from Renault.
PN: 8200168855
Names: Fluorinated Grease, Fluostar 2L
sold here at £33 inc. VAT :shock:
https://www.allcarpartsfast.co.uk/renaul ... ne-grease/
It is called silicone for an unknown reason - can be an error or a wrong product.

Fluostar 2L specs are here:
https://www.neukirch24.de/index.php?cat= ... dn68pnfaa2
Note: it is not a silicone grease - this one is based on fluorine.

This is a white grease, as thick as normal bearing grease, NLGI 2, -30....+240C, Perfluorpolyether+PTFE, no extreme pressure or anti-rust additives. Electrical strength not listed, the best I saw for this class of material is about 0.8kV/mm for general purpose second brands and 14...22kV/mm for aerospace Krytox 143 AZ...AC grades.
Silicone greases hold up to 204C, but they are incompatible with silicone rubber of coil boots.

Krytox GPL 206 and 207 seem to be suitable. They have no additives. Their temperatures are up to 260 and 288C. £41 for 2oz in the UK...
https://www.gbrockets.co.uk/store/motors ... rytox.html

Krytox GPL 205 holds max 205C, which is as good as the best silicones. No additives as well. £18 on ebay
https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Krytox-Oxygen ... 4897.l4275

!!!Silicone greases may not be applicable due to incompatibility with silicone rubber!!!
These are silicones:

Molykote Dow Corning G-5008, electrical strength, 42kV/mm! It looks like a champion even in comparison to the PFPE materials.
Loctite silicone dielectric grease has 19.8kV/mm.
RS Silicone Grease holds 21kV, £5 for 100g, available from RS.

Molykote Dow Corning 4 in aviation is used to seal the electrical connectors, protecting them from elements. Not suitable for the coils due to low electrical strength under high voltages 0.4kV/mm.

Someone has compiled a list of dielectric greases for ignition coils. Some of them are made with silicone, which may be incompatible with some coil boots if they are made with silicone rubber.
General Motors 12345579
Renault 8200168855
Beru 0890300029 или Beru ZKF 01
Ford Electrical Grease, Part No.: F8AZ-19G208-AA;
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Re: Fluorinated Grease or "Fluostar 2L" for ignition coils

Postby Funkycoldmadina » Sat Mar 09, 2013 9:58 pm

AlexB, here's the link for the German company i mentioned...hope you study German in secondary school as the whole site is in German. Good Luck. ... fZDdnzuQ--

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Re: Fluorinated Grease or "Fluostar 2L" for ignition coils

Postby AlexB » Sun Nov 24, 2013 7:00 pm

Reposting my old message, this time with added links...

The sticky stuff is the grease part number 82 00 168 855 applied according to the technical note 3789A. As I understand the coils must not be removed unless one is prepared to renew the grease coating.

The Green Note 4242A is about the coil types. It says that if a SAGEM coil fails and its production date is before "330-3", then all four coils must be replaced by DENSO. It is emphasized that the dates must be checked without removing the coils. If a single DENSO coil fails, then just one coil is replaced.
Tech Note 4242A:
https://www.aussiefrogs.com/forum/attach ... 1128746480

This is how to apply the grease. Its purpose is clear from the technical drawing. It seals the boot around the plug isolator and, in the same time, prevents the silicone rubber of the boot from fusing to the ceramic surface. Any air-gilled gap, and the moisture will cause a surface discharge.
Tech Note 3789A
https://www.matrasport.dk/Cars/Espace/va ... COVERS.pdf

The specific application guide for Megane II is here:

The same for Megane III is here:
https://www.getflat.co.uk/phcdownload/up ... EGANE1.pdf
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Re: Fluorinated Grease or "Fluostar 2L" for ignition coils

Postby ManuelR » Mon Jul 08, 2019 4:00 pm

I think it remained German up until this year. It would be so hard for me.

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