Gear linkage cable

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Gear linkage cable

Postby mr_m_83 » Fri Oct 02, 2009 11:30 am

I have recently had a big problem with my Megane, ended up with the bearings in the gearbox shattering the case, anyway a new gearbox andf clutch later and since that first and second gears are really stiff, the mechanic who did the previous work reckons its the gear linkage cable which is causing this. Does this sound like a reasonable explanation and how much will it cost. Any help would be appreciated as I am already skint due to paying for the other work. :cry

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Re: Gear linkage cable

Postby davelowe » Fri Oct 02, 2009 3:00 pm

Is your car a 6 speed and 2002 - 2005 Megane range? In this year group, only 6 speeds are adjustable.

If so, Haynes lists the causes of 'difficulty engaging gears' thus:
1. Clutch fault
2. Worn or damaged gear cables
3. Incorrectly adjusted gear cables
4. Worn synchroniser assemblies

Since you have had a new clutch and gearbox, only options 2 or 3 make sense (unless your mechanic was a monkey!). I would look into option 3 first as this is something you can do yourself (best if you have a Haynes manual to hand) but I will paraphrase:

Unclip the base of the gear lever gaiter and pull it up (see my post on replacing the throttle style handbrake - its a sticky with a useful photo). Select 3rd gear. Remove the battery and battery tray and then the engine ECU behind it (battery held on by clamp at the front - use long extension bar and 10mm socket). The tray is self explanatory (some wiring looms need unclipping from it + there is an extra bolt to take off. The ECU comes off when you disconnect the three big wiring looms. You should now see the selector (big metal bracket coming straight out of the top of the transmission. Release the the locking catch on the selector cable (prise it up with a screwdriver). Get back in the car, insert a 5mm spacer into the gap between the right hand side of the gear lever and the housing. Have an assistant hold it in 3rd. Go back under bonnet and relock the catch you released before. Test that you can get all the gears. If all is good, put everything back together.

I could do all that in 1 hour (and I'm in no way an expert). So your mechanic shouldn't charge you much. If the cables are damaged (option 2) expect to pay a lot more since it involves taking off the front section of the exhaust and all sorts of other stuff + the cost of new cables.
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Re: Gear linkage cable

Postby Meggy225 » Mon Apr 04, 2016 11:19 pm

Are the megane 225 adjustable gear cables as have trouble engaging reverse

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