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Engine shudder.

Posted: Sun Jan 19, 2020 10:39 pm
by ChrisM
1.9dci with an engine shudder, last a second or so. Does it when cold. Start it up in morning you get quite a violent kick when it starts, will drive it to first junction (about 5 houses in length) stop just as revs reach idle 1000rpm you get this quite harsh shudder like it's just catches itself before a stall drive on to bottom of estate it does it again but a lot lighter really odd, last Thursday it got really jollty changing gear i thought it was me miss timing clutch lift but when I got to work on tick over it sounded like engine miss fire but not actually missing just sounded like it, reved ok so I got out for a better listen and noticed a ticking sound coming from under car toward engine area so I turned it off .
Lunch time ticking sound gone missing sound almost gone, by 5 at night ready to go home missing sound gone as well but now I have again from cold it also gets the shudder when you rev it I initiay quite violent then as with the stopping shudder just gets lighter and lighter as car warms.
Engine still vibrates no matter if clutch down or not occasionally the pitch changes.
Also get occasionally clutch judder now got or cold make no difference.
We tried engine mounts today and engine does not move a jot when we try to physically move it by hand there is absoulty no movement at all.
Anyone any ideas. I,ve a feeling I am looking at clutch n flywheel. :cry

Re: Engine shudder.

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2020 10:07 pm
by ChrisM
All sorted. :lover: