How is the world of megane cc treating you guys?

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How is the world of megane cc treating you guys?

Postby wanda » Wed Aug 28, 2019 10:11 am

Hello again chaps.

Been a couple of years since I sold the meggy and bought a cascada . . . as I think from now on I will always have convertibles (God willing), I do see a lot of meggies and sometimes think maybe I should buy my ex back but lets see.

Are guys still driving your meggies?

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Re: How is the world of megane cc treating you guys?

Postby ChrisM » Thu Aug 29, 2019 10:50 pm

Sold my mk2 1.9 diesel two years back and bought a mk3 1.9 diesel GT Line it's a better car in so much as less turbo lag and lots of low down pull, handles well on OE suspension and seats support you better down side is no longer a Karman roof but webasto instead (same maker as Eos) you can see the quality drop i now get the rear end bounce when it goes into boot unlike my old mk2 same with rear parcel shelf which now sits there quarters high in the boot space and no recess in boot mat so boot space is really quite compromised unlike the mk2 and that's roof up!
Because of the re-gigged gearbox ratios giving you lots of pull down low the mpg has disappeared 49 mpg is the best I can get now even on motorway yet my mk2 would give 58/60 mpg but had virtually no pull low down.
I suppose it's all swings and roundabouts... Beware if you are thinking of a mk3 pollen filter is clutch pedal and a good chunk of dash out not fun at all..... :-(

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Re: How is the world of megane cc treating you guys?

Postby NeilS » Fri Sep 13, 2019 10:50 am

Hi. Mine's still soldiering on, although some shakes and rattles are becoming more noticeable and I had to replace the rear n/s temic module, after the original burnt out. Oh and I had the a/c re-gassed last year. Other than that, it's fine!
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