Wife's 56 plate megane convertible clutch pedal

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Wife's 56 plate megane convertible clutch pedal

Postby Daz158 » Sat Jul 13, 2019 4:51 pm

Wife has mentioned a few weeks ago about her clutch pedal not rising back to the top on a few occasions. I thought it might be her car mat as it had come away from the holding clip.it has been ok since so she says which I thought fine no issue. Today I noticed when I moved her car that the clutch pedal was really low and even though I was able to engage gears ok the pedal travel was minimal. I pulled the pedal back to the top and pumped it a few times and it seems to be ok at the minute.

I have read that there is a clutch damper fitted on this model but not sure where and even if it is accessible to be changed.

Any clued up peeps have any advice... could it be the pedal return spring which I guess is a long shot..

It's a 56 plate 1.9dci with 67k on the clock.

Many thanks for your advice on this issue. Much appreciated.


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Re: Wife's 56 plate megane convertible clutch pedal

Postby ChrisM » Sun Jul 14, 2019 10:37 pm

Could be a couple of things. I had this issue on my Mk2 CC most people I mentioned it to wanted the box out for the slave cylinder, my renault tech said no, instead he replaced the master cylinder top end of clutch pedal and all sorted, quite easy to do i believe but a real pig to bleed as it's upside down so real hard to get all the air out.

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