Megane CC boot lid

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Megane CC boot lid

Postby billywizz71 » Fri May 17, 2019 10:12 am

Silly question I know , I have just bought an 06 Megane CC

how do you open the boot lid , all I can do is partly put the roof down to gain access to boot space.
Is there an easier way ?


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Re: Megane CC boot lid

Postby ChrisM » Fri May 17, 2019 8:40 pm

Where the rear number plate is, just above you have the number plate lamps in the middle of them is a rubber covered button (oblong and black rubber) press it it's a micro switch and electrically pops the latch, if I remember rightly the button on the card just unlocks it but doesn't pop it, if it doesn't work again looking where number plate lights are look along that ridge towards driver rear lamp you will see a lock you can put your emergency key in it and open boot.
If it won't open from the switch you have an issue with either the micro switch in the button or the lock itself both are available off eBay you might find the lock will be stiff as it has no cover so gets all the dirt of the road that acumilates on back of vehicle, not an ideal place for an uncovered lock but that's the French for you.
Check it for a feed before you buy parts some have reported electrical issues in the boot lid it stems from where the boot lid hinges are and flexing electrical cables some times they snap with the flexing when the boot lid opens and closes.

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