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Another duff mk3

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 8:44 pm
by ChrisM
Well looked st another mk3 cc looked good, really excellent price, too good to be true and yes it was.
Looks like dash had been taken out, trim around airbag switch loose with screwdriver pry marks on dash passenger air vent pushed in then pulled flush I pushed it back in.
Owner looked blank figuring silence is the best stance.
Driver rear quarter trim screwdriver pry marks I asked if it had been off, don't know was the reply.
Silver bootlid trim on passenger side not seating right it stood high on opening the roof passenger side lifter for boot lagging behind mmmmmmm not good.
No park assist oh I thought, but on inspection front bumper has aftermarket sensors "yea I know they don't work" was the reply very odd sensors on front but none on rear then spotting chipped paint above lamp and over spray on lamp, painted bumper caps and non working front sensors leads me to ..... This is not the original bumper, has it been in an accident I asked and was told no quite abruptly it will show nothing on any checks.
It was toooooo cheap at £6400 for a 12 plate so walked away my conclusion front ender probably with local scenery so bumper bought off eBay and painted unfortunately it came with front aftermarket sensors (not right for this car) then had small bumper caps painted and left lacquer over spray on h/lamp but left the bear metal chip on wing lip but the dash baffled me! However chaps in work surmised perhaps airbags went off, so had a quick gander on eBay you can buy a dash with airbags for £200 and a front bumper for £175 that would explain why dash trims where loose and marked wow.
Just goes to show beware the used car this one looks like it could have been repaired in s back street garage or round the back of someone's house, and not claimed for therefore showing no accidents.
The one thing that has struck me with all the mk3 I have looked at and that is the roof, had how crap it is when being stowed it literary "chucks" it into the boot and car bounces on the rear with the force, you can clearly see this is NOT a Mercedes roof this particular meg was the newest and had least miles a 12 plate (5years old) and 31k on it mine 139k and 13 years old still puts that roof into boot gently and fluidly no bouncing tail end and hardly a thud, quality Marc roof no idea who makes the mk3 roof but it is no where near as good.
Ah well the quest goes on. :-(

Re: Another duff mk3

Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2017 1:57 pm
by Stranger
Frightening how much crud there is out there and someone, with lesser knowledge, less common sense and more gullibility will be buying things like this.

Nice avoidance :tu

Re: Another duff mk3

Posted: Wed Jul 05, 2017 9:47 pm
by ChrisM
Thank you....
Buying a used car from anywhere bar a large car sales outlet is full of pit falls and best if you have no knowledge or lack confidence is to take someone with you.
1st research you chosen car, watch the market and know the compromise. I have 7k to spend and no more I reached this number in April so was ready for the market but I have been watching these cars since sept the year before so you get to know price ranges and what could be dogs, there are still a couple on autotrader now been on since Christmas. Also if you see you favoured car in a carpark,side street with owner talk to them, most are happy to tell you of there car, plus side to this exercise I'd they are not selling it so are fairly to quite brutal about there car. Go look at one in a dealers the more expensive the better, gives you an idea what it should do, compromise, I want a gt line the compromise will be miles on the clock which for me is acceptable but only to a certain point for example there is a 2.0ltr DCI gt on autotrader for £6,400 in blue........nice! However it has 88k on it for me too much miles.
If you get a reg number use the government not history site, gives you an idea of work it might have done and a bit of an insight into how its been cared for.
Armed with the above knowledge you should be ready. But also remember common sense, is the vehicle priced right for area and model, this particular vehicle was not it came in just under £6,500 and 31k on clock a 12 plate as well, suspicion all ready aroused you may think bargain, I don't. Armed with above I know there are none of these cars for sale around me nearest about 100miles away so captive market plus watching the market I know a red on in Southport just sold for £8,240, 32k on it and also a 12 plate bit of a difference! When you arrive look it over 1st impressions count don't talk yourself into the car check paper work against car vin numbers make sure they match I did a number plate lookup and got vin but also be aware a hpi check will only tell what's been logged against that car.
The vehicle in question had a clean sheet but a good close look over told me it had been damaged things like over spray on head lamps, painted bumper caps, and non working parking sensors (not flush fitting so aftermarket ones) question to self, why spend money on front parking sensors but not get rears as well when rears are the ones people usually get, put it all together and it doesn't sit right this car has had a front bumper....... So you can see how you build a picture up of this vehicle already the dodgy dashboard then adds to this picture question to self had a front bumper now dash has been out, is it to reinstall new airbags?
On the boot I noticed the trim not sitting flush at 1st not really bothers BUT when boot opens to let roof in the side with the high trim is lagging behind now I am interested with the trim and boot action some has been in that side trying to repair/bodge it.
Never be afraid to try every switch and knob bear in mind that the person wants to sell it for as much as possible so they will be economic with the truth
I see it as a game of cat n mouse you try to find issues they try to hide them, usually there are problems with the car some minor some major minor is good major is a big hit for you.
If in doubt DON'T any doubt's leave the car.
If it's too good to be true is usually is!
Always keep them in mind along with all the rest above it won't stop you being conned but should make it harder
I have bought cars from the side of the road all my life and using the above have managed to steer clear of any dud ones to date.
The one thing coming through is over helpful people I can across one from Scotland who even wanted to flat back the car to me, its cheap for what it is and nice looking but a friend from Renault did a check on it to find it has had loads of work at the dealers so not surprised they wanted rid of it to wales its still on now a blue gt line 12 plate.
And finally DO NOT pay on a bank draft and have a vehicle delivered from eBay or any other site under the pretense the money is "held" until you sign for the car, a friend of ours has just lost £15,000 on that scam for a camper that never shown up, and guess what all the hpi checks where spot on for it it was all a con including the eBay page. :life