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SHOCKS - Do you get em?

Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2009 10:47 am
by ChrisM
Any one out there suffer from static shocks from there CC? :conf

I get massive belts off it, some times you can hear the crack and it hurts as well, never got any off my old Fiat Bravo or Coupe, nor any of my Fords, did get them occasionaly from a Fiat Mirafuri TwinCam I use to own, none from any of the older BL cars I use to own. I do get a mild shock from her in doors Megane Coupe, but only after it has been polished and then driven for some reason, once it has got dirty and been washed it is fine, but she gets shocks of it all the time, she also got shocks of the Fiats but not the fords? strange......
But this CC it does not matter if it is clean or dirty both of us get some real belts of it, then it will just stop, I havn't had a belt for nearly a week then last night fired it up rolled it off drive to change cars around for the morning and "crack" got a corker :eek as soon as I touched the door to close it.
It is that bad I am actually contemplating a small lite chain under the car bolted to the body to earth it, before I earth it through my finger, because that hurts! :cry

Re: SHOCKS - Do you get em?

Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2009 12:52 pm
by tillu11
i get them quite often, but tends to be when im wearing a certain pair of shoes....must be todo with the rubber sole or something?


Re: SHOCKS - Do you get em?

Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2009 9:55 am
by ChrisM
I might have stopped it, simply by touching the bodywork before I get out, what I do now is open the door then put my hand on the inner door frame down by the seatbelt just where the body starts to curve towards the cill, it seems to stay clean there so you don't get mucky hands then get out letting go just after your foot touches the ground, this apparantly eqalises the charge so you don't get a shock from the door, been doing this all week in my leather shoes (guarenteed a belt) and nothing, even tried wiggiling around the seat in my totaly British polyester black slacks to generate static on the way home from work, got out the with the hand thing and nothing, so at a guess from a weeks trial I would say it works, the supreme experiment will be her in doors as she get wicked shocks of my car, mild ones from her own so I will do the hand on frame thing with her this weekend and see what happens. :devil
Provided the rain stops, as we don't seem to get shocked in the rain? or whilst wearing our pink marigolds....... but thats another story!