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Front Wing

Postby SSumner » Wed Jan 03, 2018 12:05 pm

I am hoping someone can help me

I Totalled my Passenger side Front Wing on my Renault Megane Cabriolet 2004 MK II recently but every part I find on ebay the seller tells me it wont fit the convertible.

are the Front wings really different for this model? or will a salvaged part from one of the more common models fit?


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Re: Front Wing

Postby Malroy » Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:14 am

Hi, My 2004 NSF wing has a small crack so I keep a look out for a replacement the right price and colour. I'm pretty sure the cc wings are unique so hatchback items won't fit. I recently put a breaker yard enquiry out for a rear window regulator for my cc and you'd be surprised how many responses I had offering me items from a hatch which are nothing like the cc item. I don't think these guys are dishonest its just that some don't understand the differences so always check is my advice.

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Re: Front Wing

Postby ChrisM » Fri Sep 14, 2018 7:47 pm

Don't think front end bodywork is different at all i think they share the same wings, bonnet and bumpers with the rest of the Megan e range. Lots of owners of CC out me g RS front bumpers on as they fit but the rears won't .
Dash clocks, mirrors, gear lever, steer wheel, hand brake, glove box raduo/nav &cd changers even HUD is all interchangeable across models, you can even change front seats from a 3 door as long as it has anti submarine air bags (I've done this)
For example i bought a hand brake lever from an eba y seller at £25 less than the CC one as it was off an estate car, you will find as you own it longer a lot of hatch, estate and saloon parts fit but cheaper than the CC charge what you can label for the CC.
Park yours up next to a hatch and try to spot the difference in wings.

Easy fix for hand brake not adjusting, to get auto adjustment the lever on the calipe r has to go right back, most people adjust inside car but don't think of this so h/brake never adjusts its self. So how do I apply this fix.
1. Search ebay for Megane scenic rear caliper springs. About £8 now. Item number 331531644688 for refferance.
2. Put them on your rear calipers, they are obvious to where they fit and simple to do the job they do is pull the hand brake lever back to it's stop.
3. Slacker off brake cables inside the car and pump pedal a few times, then with finger on h/brake button operate the lever up and down a few times, once done adjust brake cables inside car
Google image of scenic rear caliper to see where they go, they have the same brake set up as yours.
I did this when I first bought mine, had it 7 years and the h/brake never gave any issues, done the same to my mk3 cc and h/brake now feels great, it's worth it.

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Re: Front Wing

Postby Malroy » Tue Nov 13, 2018 9:41 am

Hi, how did you get on replacing your front wing as I'm still of the belief that CC wings are unique? ChrisM thought that all Megane II front ends were the same for a given year of vehicle. If you did manage to fit a non CC wing I'd be interested to know. Thanks

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