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alloy wheel colour code

Posted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 2:50 pm
by munz
does anyone know the paint code or one that matches the alloy wheels on the Silver Celsium 17 megane III

Re: alloy wheel colour code

Posted: Thu Dec 05, 2019 2:41 pm
by ChrisM
Good luck on that, I've got the silver grey GT line wheels been looking for 12 months now, no chance, seems Renault do not have paint codes for wheels, Wheel Smart did a colour match, Mmmm not good at all once finished. you just can't get the shade right once dry. you may end up painting two on the same side front/rear to match. I did this in the end.
I am afraid you have set yourself a task which sadly I doubt you will complete, sorry for the bad news.
I did come across a site earlier this year you claim to be able to match my colour calling it GT Grey or something like that, but they wanted £36 per half Ltr plus post just for the base coat, you then need high gloss lacquer on top for another 30 odd quid, ok I thought, but they then went to a disclaimer about how different spray pressures, coat thickness, temp etc all will change the colour of the finish, even down to the primer used but they did say what colour primer to use either, so I am going to spend in the region of 80 odd pounds getting this paint to me with no quarentee its the right colour anyway no matter what I do. So basically it's the right colour but might not be.
Sorry again for the bad news. :-(

Re: alloy wheel colour code

Posted: Fri Jan 17, 2020 7:17 pm
by ChrisM
Try this, cost me a fiver from my local hardware store called Stermat.
It's a spray tin from a company called motip, which is on the can, also says autolack, acryl. Paint code is 51081.
Not used it yet but the lid colour is very close to wheel colour, closest I have found so far, we will see when it goes on you will still need a lacquer over it.
Impossible colour to match wheel smart tell me he also told me you might have to flat off the other wheel and flash it over to keep the colour right on that side, to be honest the colour i have sprayed it now is not right a good shade away, noticeable next to each other but on the car you can't actually tell.