Ignition fault & Emissions Fault

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Ignition fault & Emissions Fault

Postby Chrali » Sat May 12, 2018 12:06 am

I've just spent the last month driving like an OAP as I had ignition and emissions faults related to the DPF pop up (DF062 and DF1003) DPF pressure sensor value.

A live scan showed that the sensor seemed ok. The garage found that the one rubber hoses to the sensor had split and the other was on its way. They had to unbolt the engine and tilt it forward to replace so with a couple of hours labour the bill comes in at £221 for less than £30 worth of parts. Its never good paying out lots of money, but I was expecting it to be so much more expensive.

With these faults the turbo was really dialled back and you have no overtaking power and lose speed even on gradual hills.

All good now and here are the part numbers of the replaced hoses.


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