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C C Brakes.

Postby ChrisM » Wed May 09, 2018 11:01 pm

:-( OMG 4 hours to clean up, new pads and lube rear calipers and replace front discs and pads.....
None of the wheels would come off, had to belt them with a rubber malet for about 15 mins per corner so that kind of set the mood for the job, but rear calipers came off ok but the pads wouldn't move had to be persuaded off with a hammer and screwdriver, remove the rattle springs and cleaned up the mount points as they had quite a build up of old dust and rust slap some copper grease on the guide pins new springs and pads and a good dab of plastilube the discs look about 12 month old but pads where glazed and cracked from driving it with the handbrake stuck on during its first winter with me another smeare of copper grease on hubs and a wire brush on inside of wheel rims and Bob's it uncle rears done.
The front put up a super fight fairplay again wheels stuck on, great! First job disc grub screws always a pig to get off but wow came loose condition game on me thinks, nope!!!! Caliper off, no guide pins are a no go first one starts willingness out of carrier (found this out later) tried the top pin and snapped the Allen socket in the pin :-( I managed to get the carrier and caliper off together and got the pads out knackerd, had a look at the guide pin and yep pulling thread discarded it in finger right and order new hanger n pins the disc took a real pounding from a large lump hammer to get them off both sides wow never had to fight this hard for pads n discs, any way more copper grease on pins and plastilube on and 're assemble more copper grease on hubs and wheels wire brushed and refitted did take some time to wire brush and spray those cheap bike wheel bolts that rust (thanks renault for skimping on wheel bolts)
4 hours later a lot of sweating and sweating a job well done and a nice bottle of raspberry cidre, ice cold and reflecting on what I could of done for enjoyment on a bank holiday Monday believe me brakes all-around on the CC didn't come into it.
But at least they are done and it stops, win win around :D
Oh yes the hanger n pins on there way ......... At least I left that side all lose so it won't take long.... :jest only joking.

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