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Clutch not returning to position / bleeding the clutch

Posted: Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:52 pm
by millerjohn01
Clutch pedal was not returing to full position then lost the entire clutch function.
Thanks to a brief post elsewhere on this web site managed to identify a fluid leak at the clutch resonator which is a small circle unit hidden. Away under the battery box. It was rusted through and fluid spraying out when clutch was activated. Why this unit was positioned here and with the metal plate facing the road exposed to all the elements is just typical of my experience with this car. You can check yours by looking up inside the engine bAy from the front passenger side wheel arch. The unit looks like a small toy tractor tyre. Anyway got replacement part for 55£. To fit you have to take out the battery box, ecu, air filter and part of the batter box fuses. Not easy and about 3or 4 hours work. The part only took 5 mins to replace. Then you need to bleed the system which worked ok for me by leaving the end closest to the clutch plate disconnected and then letting fluid pour out. Subsequently found out you have to release one of the metal clips on the connector that has a double clip and pull out the plastic connector but not all the way and then fluid is allowed out the bleed nipple. Hope this makes sense. Sorry I don't have photos. Checked my brother in laws car and can see corrosion on the unit so protected it with heavy grease. This must be a common fault on these cars.

Re: Clutch not returning to position / bleeding the clutch

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 1:01 pm
by copas
Hi all,

the above is an old post by MillerJohn but I finally got round to it and would recommend you do to. Just as Millerjohn found I also found corrosion on this unit. Easy job to protect if it has not yet failed; jack up the front passengers side just enough to get the wheel off the ground so that you can get easier access. The resonator is in the engine bay but accessed through the passenger wheelarch from outside the car. Its a long reach so if you don't have long arms to get to it then grease on the end of an old toothbrush will get you there. Just as Millerjohn said most surprising is that it does look like a toy tractor tyre!!! (its the metal disc in the centre that corrodes). Mine felt as if there were no bracket holding it up, just the pipework, not sure if that is normal

Re: Clutch not returning to position / bleeding the clutch

Posted: Tue Dec 25, 2018 11:12 pm
by AlexB
This part looks like a clutch damper (sometimes called clutch resonator, perhaps due to imperfect translation from French), but in the workshop manual it's called "piping with filter" (unclear whether they meant a sediment filter or vibration filter). The damper's only purpose is to reduce vibrations at the pedal, something like adding a measured bubble of air into the line to make it softer. Many people outside Renault community remove these boxes without any harm. The box is fastened onto the tee in the middle of the line. It seems to be possible to unfasten and remove it. Then, the open nipple of the tee can be plugged somehow... This is unless the access is restricted. My unit is leaking by the words of the MOT tester, so will be investigating. The car is Megane 3 2L turbo, RS250 Cup. ... -l1600.jpg ... -l1600.jpg ... &appid=20#

Re: Clutch not returning to position / bleeding the clutch

Posted: Mon May 11, 2020 4:17 pm
by Maxmegane3
Hi, i have a mk3 megane coupe 1.5 dci world series, my clutch damper has failed and garage quoted me for new part and labour £120+vat - is it really this much?