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Top Engine Mount

Postby GazzMan » Mon Aug 28, 2017 4:54 am

Over the weekend replaced the Top Right Engine Mount on my Megane 2. (2005 2 ltr Petrol).
Can’t believe the difference it has made.
Process I followed was :
- Took out the old mount and checked it. Could wiggle the bit that sticks out that joins onto the top of the engine. In retrospect would not need to take it out to do this. Would just need to put jack under engine, undo the long bolt through the mount into the engine (18ml), and undo the 3 x 16ml bolts that secure the mount to the wheel arch. That would be enough to test the mount, in place. Any movement possible in the protruding part of the mount and it needs replacing. Then put it back. Found another person to pull the engine forward using the lifting eye on top of the engine helped align the holes to get the bolts back in.
- Arrange purchase of new mount.
- Replace it doing above, plus take off the alloy casting on top of the cam cover and the dog-bone stabilising mount that goes from the alloy casting back to the fire wall.
- Pulling out the mount and putting the new one in is a tight fit under the air conditioning pipe. You just have to wiggle it till you figure out how best to do it.

My car is now so quiet and smooth the first time I drove it, a couple of time I thought the motor had stopped when I stopped moving at intersections. Only negative is I can hear some of the other noises now :D

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