Is this a record

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Re: Is this a record

Postby kylehimself » Tue Jul 29, 2008 9:19 am

hi guys, it's been a while since ive been on here. good to be back and i see everybody is still havin' problems... good times, good times.

anyway i have to agree with keeforelli on this one, the megane's faults really do put a complete downer on the whole experiance.

i have a 2004 1.4 16v which i got may of last year i think. i only had my licence a few months at the time, but i came into some money and decided to trade in my MK5 fiesta and get a meggy. went to the used direct part of charles hurst where i found one of the very few nice salesmen there actually was to deal with. the guy aaron explained to me that meganes where litterd with issues and he would advice that i avoided them. but i had my mind made up, i loved everything about the meggy. so i bought it and can say now that altho i love the car for it's kit, looks and comfort. it has give me nothin' but trouble and had me broke for some time now.

i have the warm staring issues all to often, i have the water in the door pockets, my window regulator packed up and a host of other problems. every now and then i get a good run where none of these things happen and then it all starts again.

ive had them q series pioneer speakers put in. oh but guess what? today i went to the car to find the pockets yet again filled with water. which in turn then dries up and makes the car smell damp. im removing the speakers today and just goin' to seal the holes up and do with out them. i had found a way using plastic to stop the water ingress but it's a bit ropey and to close to the working s of the window regulator which i fear may go again. nothin' fills me with more rage than when you call renault and they seem to think that water gettin' in is not there problem nor a flaw in there design.

i do love the megane but sadly it gives me nothing but issues, i can't afford to change the car any time in the near future (and ive treid) so i will continue to mod it and so on. but i still get in real stinkin' form everytime it fcuks up!



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