Interior Floor Panel - broken clip

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Interior Floor Panel - broken clip

Postby davelowe » Wed May 23, 2007 3:30 pm

Since I benifited from invaluable advice this morning re: headlamp replacements, I just thought I'd offer a small token of advice regarding another problem (much simpler).

On the 1.9DCI dynamique, the floor cubby hole flap is held shut by a plastic clip (the same thing that you tug on to open it). Mine broke off, meaning the lights on the doors wouldn't go out as it also operates a switch, so I went for a while driving around with a house brick sat on it.

To cut a long story short, I rang the dealership (Chesterfield Gordon Lamb) and ordered a replacement part, taking particular care to give the VIN number so they could match the colour etc to my car. Cost £28 incl. VAT. A lot for a piece of plastic, but not bad for an OEM car part.

Anyway, took it home, and its a doddle to replace:

1. The flap and the fittings and the clip are one part, and cannot be ordered separately. It is held in place by three quarter plasic lugs. To remove the old one, tug around the perimeter with the flap open to determine the positions of the lugs (there about about 4) and pull to release them.

2. Once it's loose, disconnect the two wires from the switch.

3. Remove the switch - squeeze the plasic flaps under it and it pops out

4. Reassembly is the reverse of removal - once the switch is in place and wired, give the whole fitting a good thump where the lugs are and you're done - simply snaps back into place.
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Postby bullfrog » Wed May 23, 2007 11:02 pm

i've got this problem on mine too, try to ignore it but getting on my nerves now! lol
I guess the only way is to replace the part, or get some coloured bulbs lol

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Postby europa » Thu May 24, 2007 1:41 pm

Unfortunately the Australian Dynamique does not have the light switches on the storage bins - however - I have a feeling that the interior lights will actually switch off after 15 mins or so if you don't open or close any other doors.

Certainly I've noticed this with my Megane - leave the boot open and come back later - all interior lights are switched off.

Should theoretically mean you wouldn't need to worry about the brick until you fix the fault :-)
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