One thing after another

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One thing after another

Postby short1uk » Mon May 14, 2007 11:34 am

This car has to be the worse car we have ever owned. I love the engine but the quality of the car is awful

So far we have had

Brakes squeak - fixed by Renault but at first told to drive in reverse fast then slam on to dislodge the dust? yeah right!

Water in foot well - fixed but didnt replace carpet!!! eh!!!!

Doors wont lock - fixed 3 times now - gone again

steering knock - they cant find it they say?!

service interval buggered up

clutch wont start car - fix but what they have done to the clutch I dont know

Saturday the car would not lock so we where left stuck in the roughest part of Liverpool known to man. Wouldnt start either card not detcted. Stuck it in the whole and it started. Got home and it locked wtf!!!!! then when I tried to lock it again indicators flashed out side but not inside???

Its a joke I tell you!

We are selling up had enough of it. its an 2005 June reg Megane and if anyone wants it you can have it! only done 18.5k miles!!!!!

If i could get a bloody refund from Renault I would.

We should all complain to watchdog or summit cause its so not right that they can get away with it.

2 cars one a 53 plate one a 55 exactly same issues come on, they cant be arsed fixing them they just keep making em with the same sh1tty parts!

Well not fair


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Postby guynkate » Tue May 15, 2007 6:21 am

I agree I think that we should approach watchdog to see if we can get some support as the cars have general common problems, why do they not recall them back for these issues :)
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