Brake lights Relay

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Brake lights Relay

Postby Logic28 » Sun Apr 17, 2022 7:52 pm

Hello everyone,

I seem to be stuck on this one and hope someone here can help.

Electronic fault on dash.

After checking on Clip Diagnostic, “Brake lights switch” - but the switch works fine and I even swapped it for another identical one.

The manual shows a direct connection between the switch and the brake bulb, something that to me seems impossible due to the size of the wiring, so there must be a Relay somewhere.

One website states: “Brake light cut-off relay Nº7” - pointing at the Box 2 (optional) in the control panel on the passenger side behind the glove box.

Another one says: “No1524 – 40A – Brake lights lighting controlled by the ESP ECU” - This relay is located on the accelerator pedal mounting

So the book says “no relay” and two sources state two different locations.

Does anybody here have any experience on this one please ?

The model is a 2007 Megane II dci 1.5 Privilege - K9K engine 6-speed gearbox

Any help is much appreciated.



Any help is much appreciated

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