Roof Bars

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Roof Bars

Postby boatman » Thu Jun 04, 2020 11:56 am

Hi all, I have a 2008 mk2 with panaramic glass roof.
I have read some posted material hear about roof bars, 2009 posts, hoping there is some more up to date info about.
I have the chance of Thule roof bars 752 (753) with 3001 fitting kit, some of the info I have found says it will fit but other stuff says no.
Funds are tight so Renault and most other new ones will almost certainly be a no no.
I have seen a lot of bars with rubber feet witch would fit non glas roof cars because the rubbber could sit either side of the fixed point witch is not, I think, possible on my car because of the glass.
Loads of the cheaper ones say not for sun roof models, these tend to have rubber feet for roof and hole to acces fixed point.
So questions:
What is the difference between glass and non glass roof bars?
Has anyone got same model Megane and fitted roof bars, if so what model/make?
Anyone got pictures of the right type of fitting kit which would be great to compare to used roof bars?

Thanks in advance

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