Megane 2.0 Dynamique (petrol) over revving problems

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Megane 2.0 Dynamique (petrol) over revving problems

Postby kingbutzi » Tue May 12, 2020 6:04 am

Hi all.
I did a search of the forum but couldn't find quite the problems I'm having with my wife's Megane.
The car has been idling very high since we got it a couple of months ago. It starts and sits on 1800-2000 rpm.
After a bit of driving, it searches around between 2000-2500rpm at idle.
I've replaced the spark plugs, one of which was fouled. That seemed to cure an increasingly bad miss.
Today I removed and cleaned the throttle body. That seems to have made the over revving problem much worse.
Also, now the service light is on permanently and the 'check injection' light is on.
I'm tearing my hair out, as it is an otherwise lovely car.
Hoping some kind soul can shed some light on my travails...

Cheers and greetings from Western Australia - Jeremy

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