2008 1.4 16v

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2008 1.4 16v

Postby bpbpbp » Fri Apr 24, 2020 2:28 pm


I picked up a 2008 1.4 hatch in great nick for £300, MOT until Dec, 125k on the clock. I'll be replacing the front pads and drivers electric window module (ebay qube) next week.

- It drives just fine but lacks power below 3000rpm - is this normal? Feels like my old twin stroke 125 motorcycle!
- The clutch is really high so I wonder if I should see if it lasts until MOT time, or if I risk a breakdown? I do about 50 miles a month on hilly terrain. I'm willing to change the clutch myself if I can find a friend with a driveway, but may change vehicles at the end of the year.
- Can anyone recommend an OBD2 bluetooth reader to work with an iPhone 6s?
- Any worthwhile performance/economy modifications to note? Would prefer to keep it stock unless I'm missing a neat trick or two.

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Re: 2008 1.4 16v

Postby vanmanpaul83 » Sun Apr 26, 2020 12:44 pm

The clutch on these Renault meganes sit high throughout the life of the clutch. I dropped a new clutch kit and csc bearing in mine and it's been a high clutch ever since. I usually wait til I get a few more tell tale signs of a worn clutch before I commit to stripping one and replacing.

They are simple clutch to change on these and once the subframe front radiator and bumper support is removed the gearbox drops out quite easy.

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