Electric Windows Nightmare Ends!

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Electric Windows Nightmare Ends!

Postby q292u » Sun Dec 29, 2019 4:59 pm

Ok. I should have done this as several posts, as the nightmare unfolded, but I didn't, so here it is as one post..

The back window, passenger side (nsr) has never worked. The front passenger side (nsf) one used to hunt up and down, but eventually closed. The drivers front (osf) works fine, but the driver's side rear (osr) stopped working a few months ago. Thankfully, in the up position. Clear so far?

Episode one: Wales.
Six months ago, the night before a 300 mile each way trip to Wales, in pouring rain, the driver's side rear (osr) came down and stayed down. Ignoring all controls. So did the passenger side front (nsf). Arse.

I managed to get the rear driver's side (osr) to come back up, using the deadlock double click function eventually, and the front passenger one (nsf) eventually decided to play nice. Phew.

Episode 2: The diamond strikes back.
No problems for about 6 months, and then back to square one. Rear driver's side (osr) window down again. Tried the double click method. Which not only failed, but the front passenger (nsf) window came down as well. Pouring rain again. I managed to get the front passenger window (nsf) back up eventually, but the rear driver side (osr) one stayed down. Every time I tried the double click, the nsf window came down. Treble arse.
(The window cleaners had a good laugh. Why do they only turn up when it's raining?)
I cut a piece of plastic to cover the open osr window. Real stylish. Dropped my son off at a party on the poshest estate in town.. parked around the corner.

Episode 3: The tide turns.
Once I got the nsf window back up, I removed the fuse. Get out of that, you arse. One nil to me.

Episode 4: Endgame.
So I could now use the double click thing again. No effect. So I removed the fuse for the rear windows, left it for a couple of hours, and replaced it and tried double-click again. It went 1/3 of the way up! I eventually got the window all the way up this way, and took the fuse out.
Sorted. 2 nil to me. (I must point out that this took days to reach the top. Literally days. )

Ok. I only have one working window now, but the car is secure, an the rain stays outside.

For information, there are three fuses for the electric windows. All in the fusebox inside the glovebox. Two small 25s, positions 7 and 8 I think: 7 is osf, 8 is nsf. Or maybe the other way around.( I pulled both until only the osf one worked. I had to reset the working window.)
The rear ones share a fuse, a big one on the right, in the middle.

nsf = near side front
osf = offside front
nsr = near side rear
nsr = near side rear

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