Central locking problems 07 225 with keyless go

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Central locking problems 07 225 with keyless go

Postby Iksander » Tue Nov 26, 2019 12:42 pm


My central locking has stopped working. Both the key cards seem to be OK - the indicators flash and double flash appropriately when I press the lock/unlock buttons or the dashboard button. I can hear the relay(?) clicking down by the glovebox but the central locking doesn't respond.

Incidentally I just removed my dashcam hard wiring piggyback fuse from the glovebox fuseboard, so perhaps I upset something there? I replaced the 20A central locking fuse just to be sure but no change.

When I use the emergency key all the doors lock - it just won't respond to the keycards or the dashboard button.

I have removed the battery terminal for an hour and reconnected as this seemed to work for some people to no avail.

Any ideas much very appreciated!


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