2006 Sports Tourer, tailgate spoiler, with high level brake light departed at 75mph!

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2006 Sports Tourer, tailgate spoiler, with high level brake light departed at 75mph!

Postby fay66 » Fri Nov 22, 2019 6:19 pm

At 75 mph the other day I heard a bang, looking in the mirror I was in time to spot the rear spoiler disappear, I turned around but was unable to find said spoiler.
Going by the tailgate spoilers I've managed to find on ebay with missing mounting points, and the number of tailgate for sale minus the spoiler I find it difficult to believe that no one else has lost theirs! Indeed a breakers informed me it was a common problem.
I've looked through the last year of subjects and the common faults, but unable to find anything on this problem.
The mounting points on the underside of the spoiler have sheared off, leaving just part of the mounting and/or the pillar still attached to the roof, which is held on from inside the tailgate with torque screws.
I'm amazed that such flimsy mounting points have survived as long as they have, 170,000 miles.
I haven't enquired the price of a new spoiler as it would probably cost more than the car is worth.
I managed to get one that is generally in good condition other than 3 broken mountings!
Has anyone done this job previously and has any tips on how to secure the blessed thing, if not I may drill about 3 holes and secure with screws, spacers and washers inside the tailgate, as well as 3 mountings (different) that did survive.
It probably won't look pretty but as I'll have to respray it to my colour I can probably make it look quite presentable.
Any ideas welcomed.
Can I add photos?

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