1.5dci light acceleration knocking

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1.5dci light acceleration knocking

Postby boatman » Thu Nov 14, 2019 6:00 pm

Hi everyone, I have a knocking noise coming from the front of the car.
Renault Megane 2008 mk2 1.5dci
It sounds almost like piston slap, or bad camshaft or follower on a ford pinto engine, a fairly high pitched sound.
Very notable and worse when cold.
Happens on light/normal acceleration, not when car is stopped at any revs.
It does increase frequency, not volume with road speed.
If I dip the clutch and coast it disappears, if I rev the engine while coasting no noise and if I put the pedal to the metal, hard acceleration it disappears.
It doesn’t appear to be drive train or engine independent of each other.
I don’t think it is suspension, I can’t feel it through the body.
It doesn’t increase or decrease driving light acceleration on either lock, full circles in a carpark.
Engine oil level at mid-point on dipstick.
Fairly sure it is front drivers side.
Would appreciate input, many thanks.

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