stalling on idle

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stalling on idle

Postby s3irios » Wed Sep 04, 2019 1:47 pm

Hello all,just registered,i eish you all the best.
I have a 2003 1.6 113 megane 2 with gas system installed. I recently did an oil service and water presdured the engine (after covering every major electronic).
2 days later car wouldnt start. It turned over but couldnt start.
I thought it might be out of petrol cause it has the classic issue,because it runs on gas not petrol mainly, the ECU thinks the petrol level sensor's faulty,so it drops the petrol gauge level by itself and then resets on the actual petrol level. So i thought that i genuinely didn't put petrol the last times and it was empty.
I put 3 liters in, nothing wouldn't start,just turning over.
Anyway I thought of giving the tdc a clean, and after removing battery etc i removed the tdc cleaned it up. I also found a bit of leftover water on the sparkplugs. Drained with a rag,cleaned the coils.

It cured it! Car is starting and driving better than before.

But now it developed another problem. Stalling on idle but only on cold. After driving its fine.

I then removed with battery disconnected,the throttle body and cleaned it thoroughly. It was a mess...
Nothing,still stalling

Now my real question is, could it first of all be the TDC again? Wouldn't it mess with the car starting too?
Or the coolant temp sensor?

Also if someone could pinpoint which of the 500 sensors, is the coolant temp and where's located?

Thank you just thought of explaining everything to give as clear as possible of what is happening and i did.

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