transmission over heat

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transmission over heat

Postby DrMahmoud » Wed Sep 04, 2019 8:29 am

i have problem with auto transmission 1.6 16v 2006 140 000 km
when drive car for while with ac on and out side temperature 35 C , and stop at signal and start drive again car didn't move and RPM goes up then there is knocked at gear box and start move

i go for unofficial dealer and put car to computer to check , he told me no sensor error code , but temperature of transmission is little high over 90 C .

generally there is non complain of high temp in car except when i drive with ac on at temp out side over 40 c as temp gauge start raise one quarter over normal when car stop but when drive goes normal temp again

i never change water pump also no water leak
i check transmission cooler is ok
i change heat thermostat with new and also car radiator and fan with new and work fine
i change transmission oil also
i put mobile 1 red water

after that i had same problem with transmission and also transmission read over 90 C without any fault code

i wish i could find help

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