Help with injectors Renault Mégane 2.0 Dci

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Help with injectors Renault Mégane 2.0 Dci

Postby DCI07 » Tue Jul 16, 2019 2:36 pm

Hi all ,

I had diesel leaking into my engine , and the car was juddering when I wanted to pick up speed then it would cut out , had to be towed home , got mechanic out he said he fixed it , drove 10 miles same thing happened , managed to get home , called mechanic again and he said he would have to call a part in from Renault and it would tak a few days , was relieved to have car back

It was okay as it was drive able but then as soon as I tried to pick up speed juddering was happening , looked under bonnet , diesel was spilling AGAIN ,

So mechanic has ignored messages , thought I'd try and to it myself , as a friend said could be injectors ,
Being a woman and no knowledge should have known better to touch it ,

Took off injectors blew air through them and then reattached them and now it won't start she tries to buy doesn't

Someone said I know need to bleed the injectors something about taking one off at a time and try n start the car when there is diesel coming out to then attach them tightly to make sure no air is there

Ive looked on YouTube for a tutorial , does anyone know a link or a webpage with step by step of what to do I'm stuck

(wish there was something like "tutorial for women or people who have no idea" lol)

And also I heard a noise in the engine like an alarm sound and friend said he had never heard of anything like that before

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Re: Help with injectors Renault Mégane 2.0 Dci

Postby alanf » Wed Jul 17, 2019 11:47 am

Have you tried pumping the priming bulb while someone turns over the engine.

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