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Only Dashboard Lights work- No other Power in Car

Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 10:16 am
by FiloCar
I'm looking for advice regarding our 2012 Megane Expression which is Diesel. For the last 6 weeks we have had a number of issues with the Megane. It started off with Engine Fault light showing. On a Diagnostic we had the following Codes show up

df998-pressure upstream of turbine incorrect mounting
df1012 consistent multiplex signals for cc/sl not correct
df025 preheating unit diagnostic connection fault alerted via the control unit

We took the Megane to a Garage and they replaced a glow plug unblocked the DPF Filter Pipe. This seemed to work. Then in order to get through the MOT we had to renew the Front Right Stabiliser Link.

The Megane drove ok for the next 3 weeks but then a whistle developed while accelerating. I booked the car in to a Garage but before the appointment the Car broke down on a motorway.

Now the car will not start.It has no power. The Dashboard Lights work but that's about it. Not even the Windows work.

If anyone has any suggestions that would be great. Thanks

Re: Only Dashboard Lights work- No other Power in Car

Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 1:49 pm
by scooper1000
Hi I am no expert but i would start with the fuses and fused links on the top of battery.if power there then to the fuse box cleverly hidden in the engine bay, you have to remove the battery to access it, you can only do a visual check as battery removed..then to the passenger compartment fuses..easier to remove glove box to check these. obviously check wires for burn damage as you go

sorry i could not be more helpful GOOD LUCK