Engine Woes

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Engine Woes

Postby MrMeganeM3 » Wed Jun 05, 2019 6:46 pm

Help! with Megane 2014 1.5 dci Grand Tourer TomTom with 67000 miles on the clock.
I have had ongoing issues for a month now and they are as follows :

1. Started hearing a tapping , (hammer on anvil) noise on acceleration up to 3000 revs.
2. Around 58 miles and hour in 5th or 6th there is a misfire , reduction in performance but over 65 it is ok.
3. I managed to get 63 mpg and it has dropped to 42 mpg.
4. It is rough on cold start, white smoke from exhaust (although the smoke could be the DPF regenerating because it might be dealing with any smoke from the engine)
5. I noticed that the coolant temp sensor never registered any temp or sometimes flickered to middle of gauge so this was replaced and now shows correct consistent temperature.
6. There was also an P0380 glow plug code which was cleared and all glow plugs replaced.
7. Car was taken to a diesel injection specialist would took all injectors out and tested - they told me they can only test injectors when they are at requried testing temperature so if there is a problem when cold then they cannot detect the problem?? I paid £260 for this privledge.
8. Car has gone back to where I purchased it and they have said they cannot find anything wrong with it yet - although it never runs good on idle?

I am at my wits end with the car, I like driving it because it is fantastic for my equipment and its a confortable cruiser so its a real shame it has given me such an annoying problem, the noise sends me round the twist.

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