ESP Message On Dash

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ESP Message On Dash

Postby Jparkinson744 » Wed May 29, 2019 3:42 pm

Hi Guys

I'm new to this forum and the Renault Megane car so sorry if this isn't correct.

I bought the 09 Megane II 1.6 dynamique (63k on the clock) a few months ago and the car is great. I had a problem with the car at first which turned out to be the dephaser pulley so that has since been changed along with the timing belt and water pump by the garage I purchased it from.

So I had this problem occur once around 2 months ago and nothing since until today. I stopped at the end of my work industrial estate (as I do every day) and as I went to set off the car just didn't move. I looked down at the dash and noticed there was a message that said ESP OFF. I pressed the engine button to turn on and it kicked back in to life straight away with no problems and then came up with ESP ON and all seemed fine.

About 500m up the road I came to a stop, and as I did so the ESP OFF message came up again, but when I put my foot down to accelerate it changed to ESP ON again. This time however it didnt seem to cut out (or I didn't need to press the engine start button anyway). I drove it the remainder of the way home then with no problems (about 4 miles). Does anybody have some help on this as to what i means?

NOTE: I have noticed that the car will often idle rev around the 500RPM mark for a second or 2 and then kick back up to about 750-800RPM and then sit there (it never stalls). On the few occasions I have stalled it reversing etc, the car has struggled to tick over until I put my foot on the accelerator to rev the engine. I'm not sure if these problems are directly linked or if anybody has any advice on these as separate issues.

Any help to any of the issues would be greatly appreciated. I don't really have any idea about cars so if it requires a fix it'll have to go to the garage rather than me attempting it. Cheers.

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