crumple zone when changing lower arn

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crumple zone when changing lower arn

Postby Phil and Liz » Sat Feb 23, 2019 10:52 pm

Still trying to cure the abs fault, no signal from front so decided to change front wheel bearings and bottem ball joionts as they were an advise on last mot. On both sides have had to resort to changing lower arms, first the bottem ball joint pinch bolt was seized in on both sides and the ball joint was seized in the lower arm. Had already bought a pair of ball joints but have already had to buy the n/side arm and this morning I ordered the o/side as in addition to the play in the joint they also advised on corrosion.Might also need an o/side hub carrier as the pinch bolt is still seized in and had to cut off the bolt head, nut and cut down the middle, still wont shift and might need to resort to drilling out.

While removing the arm I had to remove what looks like part of the crumple zone on each side to get to the front bolt, galvanised thin wall steel, there is also on each side a thin steeel plate held by four bolts fron inner wing to the crumple zone piece, painted not galvanised. Needless to say at 11 years old this has corroded to nothing and fell apart as soon as touched. My question is this does not appear structural, has anyone had to replace these or not bothered replacing, if you replaced it, was it a Renault part or did you get an aftermarket part ?

Despite hating my megane, when things come apart it is quite enjoyable and good to see bits ive not seen close up, like the undertray/bumper bolts the broke about 8 year ago and never got replaced ! Now I can see them I might do something about them or may be not, the bumper has not fallen off yet.
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