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time to let it go

Posted: Sun Nov 11, 2018 9:48 pm
by Phil and Liz
Anyone in central Scotland want a low mileage (78k) 2008 megane with gt leather interior ? Mot'd till May, good tyres front wheels been cleaned up in wheel well and painted with hamerite to stop airloss, couple of spare calipers, new front springs last year and top mounts, cross axle brake pipe and rear flexi hoses, axle to front pipes also replaced. Battery also replaced 2 years ago. Problem is ABS light is on and at first was intermitent but now more or less all the time, set off and it resets to off 200yds and light on. Just changed nsf sensor as that is the area i was last working in, nsf hub, ns drive shaft and seal just to change a spring.
also has a Renault music device to allow you to place from a memory stick, MP3 player or Phone (not bluetooth, cable only) controlled from steering wheel controls as though it was a cd multi player.
Still good on economy and too good to break, 2 keys, would like £750 if anyone is interested.
Reason its going is wife retired in june so dont need 2nd car (usually used if weather bad and cant use motorbike) Owned this for nearly 10 years from 1 year oldl so mileage is guaranteed

Re: time to let it go

Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2018 4:04 pm
by stuartac
Was reading an ABS thread on another forum (the highly regarded FiatForum actually), and one of the resident experts made this observation "If the (ABS) light comes on when you start the car you can be pretty sure it's a sensor or the wiring leading to it. If the light comes on after you have moved away, it's likely the magnetic track on the wheel bearing is not creating enough of a signal." I assume this logic might also apply to the Megane.


Re: time to let it go

Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2018 7:17 pm
by Phil and Liz
yeah, thats one that was mentioned along with wiring fault, ecu fault. Odd thing is the speedo works fine so that means there is a signal from the bearing and sensor. Problem is we dont need the car and I just spent £25 on a sensor for nsf, wheni told the wife it didnt work shes drawn the line and said no more work, get rid ! Good car for its age but have spent a lot in last 18 months, hope someone with a bit of time can fix it and save it from scrappers.

Re: time to let it go

Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 9:15 pm
by Phil and Liz
Took the old girl for a drive tonight and to put some fuel in, having done 15 miles on a scooter with no dip beam - light failed after overtaking a truck so had to chase the nearset car as my main beam is too good to leave on - gonna have to use the car on friday so thought might as well give the ole girl a spin. Noticed that the ABS light stayed off below 20mph, hit 20 and on comes the light. Brakes feel no different so think will use it if dont sell, taxed and insured so why not.