Question about few issues

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Question about few issues

Postby Liamcab » Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:05 pm

Hi guys, looking for some advice really,

I took my Megane to Halfords last year ( silly me)
they done a service and MOT

They replaced my rear breaks and discs both sides,

They also replaced track rod end

Now, I have few issues which I tried to take it back to them but nothing has been done as problems still exist.

1). When breaking and coming to traffic light or even if I casually break, after wards I start getting a screech noise after I’ve released break which then goes as speed increases, (took it back and they re-greased) rear wheel
Driver side

2). When reversing I hear clicking noise coming from rear driver wheel, constant clicking when wheel is turned or reversing backwards (drivers side)

3) also on my mot I had this advisor
Nearside Front Play in steering rack inner joint(s) ()
Offside Play in steering rack inner joint(s) ()

Now, I’ve looked on google and some people say that it could be the track rod end? However on my service they told me my trackrod end needed replacing and I paid them to do so? Is it that?

I just feel like I need to go somewhere with this, because they also told me when I took it back to them because of the screeching they showed me a report on my rear breaks, and he mentioned that it comes with 1.8mil and Renault recommend changing on 1.7 and I’ve used 0.2mil in 10k miles ... because at first he gave me the impression that they needed changing and I said “I thought my back breaks and discs were done” which he replied “it was the front wasn’t it... oh no the back” any suggestions guys? I’m taking it to another garage soon, but just wondered if anyone has had any of these issues?

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Re: Question about few issues

Postby grandadbobby » Thu Jul 05, 2018 9:29 pm

the inner tie rods are not the track rod ends. It's the part between the track rod end and the steering rack.
I understand that it is only an advisory and not a fail, why, I don't understand given the strict rules for MOT.
I would advise you to get them done as it will affect the steering and tyre wear.
As for the rear wheel noise, you need to investigate, or get a mechanic to find it, in case it is to do with the abs sensor or slight play in the wheel bearing.
When you're not a diy person it's very important to find an independent garage or mobile mechanic that's recommended, the big boys are expensive.
Good luck

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Re: Question about few issues

Postby Phil and Liz » Fri Jul 06, 2018 7:09 pm

Bob, the inner joint can only be an advise as they cant see the play ! stupid isnt the word and yes the tyre wear is horrendous. The later mk11 seem to have a better joint, my 08 is still on original with slight wear. My 04 went through 3 pairs in the 3 years I had her ! Mind you that was in the days we were doing 20k a year, the08 only has 78k and its 10 year old!
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