Replacement clutch Question

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Replacement clutch Question

Postby nghill098 » Fri May 04, 2018 2:13 pm

Have 2006 1.4 Megane, recently had problems changing from 1st to 2nd gear when driving, but would then go alright for a few minutes or miles, before problem returned. All other gears work perfectly, have checked as best can and when stationary with or without engine running all gears are perfect.
Have asked several people I trust about possible problems, have bleed slave cylinder and this has not provided any solution, gear selector seems okay,
Visited a small selection of garages and they all seem to think its in someway clutch related. so visited local garage and they agreed, however cannot find anyone to actually carry out the work. have contacted several clutch specialists but, as soon as mention it Renault they all seem to want silly money and days to do it. Have changed clutch's myself before and am able to do so. wanted to know if its possible to do the job myself. with a full clutch kit?

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Re: Replacement clutch Question

Postby grandadbobby » Fri May 04, 2018 3:47 pm

if you've done clutches before, there's no reason why you can't do this one.
I do my own work as l can't afford not to. It's good to have someone to help, specially when putting the box back in, unless you've specialist equipment.
Having said that, l some how managed plus you've got better weather on the way if you're working outside.
Make sure it's a full kit and you only have to do it once.
Good luck.

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