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Easy Fix for Clicking Door Strap/Retainer

Posted: Sat Oct 14, 2017 3:50 am
by AlexB
The driver's door was clicking loudly. Upon some research I found that this is often caused by the retainer shifting up or down in its rollers. So, looked into mine - it was in the low position. Apart from this, everything looked good.

I found a cheap solution not involving taking off the door panel. I've placed a large washer under the lower bolt of the retainer mechanism, so its side was pushing the retainer arm up. The clicking is gone!

The size of the washer for Megane III Coupe is 40mm in diameter, 1.3mm thick, bolt hole 6mm. I had to drill an additional 6mm hole in it at 15mm off the centre to accommodate a retaining pin of the retainer. For a different car the dimensions might be different - check and measure first.