Electrical problem

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Electrical problem

Postby Baxtermc » Thu Mar 10, 2016 10:06 pm

Hi to everyone, this is my first post, I hope you can help.
We have a dynamic coupe 2006 1.5 diesel

We have been hearing a swoosh of water under the bonnet for a while, and found out the drainage tubes were blocked, so we unblocked, and the water drained away.

but a few days later the radio packed up, then a few days later it all went weird
couldn't start

windscreen wipers going

steering look message

air bag message

and other message's
looked on you tube and said it might be ECU, and also to clean a circuit board situated under the fuse unit, under bonnet.

I managed to get battery out, remove ECU, but jut could not see a way of getting to the fuse board.

Could anyone please advise or let me know a youtube vid to watch.



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Re: Electrical problem

Postby welbeck » Sat Mar 19, 2016 1:55 pm

I had a load of problem last year, my 1.9dci kept conking out and sometimes wouldn't start, I bought an OBD reader and that wouldn't show a fault yet it would have "Check Injection" on the dash display, so I figured it must be the ECU I looked on eBay with every intention of buying one but I sprayed WD-40 into the ECU lead, reconnected it and it's been fine ever since

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